Treatment Plan

After nearly six weeks of waiting, speaking with doctors, and sifting through information, a treatment plan for Lucy’s craniopharyngioma recurrence has clearly emerged.

She will go to Jacksonville Florida, one of four places in the US where proton radiation treatment is available.  This is not an experimental procedure, and has been used for pediatric cancer with great success for several years.  The short and long term risks and side effects both cognitively and otherwise are greatly reduced from traditional (photon) radiation.  The treatment is precisely targeted  and controlled so that very little healthy brain tissue is exposed, and it is fractionated, which means that the amount of radiation is broken up into 28 doses over so many days.  It usually takes less than 5 minutes per session, but because of her age she will be sedated, which will increase the time some.

September 28th we have a few days of preliminary procedures and paperwork.  October 12th we return to start the actual radiation, which will continue five days a week for 6 weeks.  I will have Garrick with us in Florida, while Richard and Jack will remain at Grady and E Rivers.  The weekends are free, so we are hoping for some fun beach time together and maybe a few trips back to Atlanta.

We have talked with her about it, and she is not worried or afraid, just dreading the IV.  Jack is nervous about me leaving, but both are optimistic and determined to meet this next challenge with courage.

We will keep you updated here, and continue to rely on your support and prayers,




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9 responses to “Treatment Plan

  1. sb

    Glad to hear the plan. Tell Lucy we will be praying especially hard about the IV.

  2. joyce mareverwa

    Caroline, Richard, Jack, Lucy and Gerrick,
    Thank you for the update. You are all in my prayers and memory. I am glad there is a plan in place and you are all ready to go for it. lucy I love your great courage and I am sure the IV will not be that scary!

    Love and miss you all,


  3. Alexis

    I have filled in Lydia on little Lucy, and we are so proud of her. We love you all! At What mailing address might we send a little note to Lucy?

  4. We are praying for Lucy! We are sorry to hear that she had a recurrence of her tumor and has to undergo more treatment. We are glad there is a positive plan in place. Harris’ sister and her family live near Jacksonville, FL if you need a “local” to talk to while you are down there.

    Lucy, you are a beautiful, spunky (we love the dance photos!) and courageous little girl! You have a wonderful family and especially an amazing Creator Who has you in His good and strong hands. I told my kids this afternoon in the car about what a great friend your daddy was to their daddy and about some of their adventures at Camp Alpine. I told them I pray for such a good friend like your daddy for each of them.

    Our Daniel has to take really yucky medicine, too. I think you two would have lots to talk about and would really have fun together if our families can ever get together. The times I’ve gotten to be around your mommy I have really enjoyed her sweet, down-to-earth, creative company.

    We love you all.

    Grace and peace and healing in Christ,
    The Greens

  5. katy golik

    caroline, i responded on the previous blog page, oops. we will be praying for lucy, for smooth IVs, for you. my best friend lives in jacksonville, her husband is a hospital administrator there, and they are truly wonderful. send me information on how to get you in touch with them; sheri would be good friend to have for two months!

    love, katy

  6. Ellen Lee

    caroline, it’s been too long since i followed up on your family. please know that we will be praying for lucy and your family as you navigate this journey–that the Lord would provide from his abundance to meet your needs for strength, wisdom, peace, endurance, et al. May your family be instruments of His peace in the lives of everyone you meet on this journey.

  7. Tamaira

    Carline and Richard thank you for the update.
    My family and I are praying for God’s strength and healing for you.

  8. Sarah Dwelle

    Hey Pittmans,
    We will be praying for each of you during this time ahead of you. That is a lot of separation. Lucy is very brave! Will she the IV just stay in for the whole 6 weeks–is that for the sedation? Eva struggles w/ the IV too. You can tell Lucy she’s had at least 14 now, and she still gets nervous but is better at them. But maybe Lucy’s already ahead of her! We miss you guys. I don’t know of anything harder than having a sick child. May God grant you courage and hope each day. Love, Sarah (for all)

  9. Emily

    Dear Richard, Caroline, Jack, Lucy, and Garrick,
    I think of you all often and will keep you close in my prayers over the next couple of months. So glad to hear from you! If you need anything please let me know!
    Love, Emily

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