Off to Florida

Today Lucy had auditory and cognitive testing here at her regular cancer office; on both she cooperated well and got great scores.

Lucy at hearing test

We leave tomorrow for Jacksonville, stopping over in Alabama for the night.  Next week we meet with insurance people, the radiation oncologist, the neurosurgeon and others.  Lucy will have a minor procedure in preparation for the radiation (we can explain more about this next week), and have a port put in for IV access to last the whole treatment time.  Then Thursday she has a CT simulation of the treatment to double-check accuracy before the real thing.

We’ll keep you up on how everyone is doing.

Right now she and Jack are both a bit testy, but it is always hard to tell whether this is due to normal fluctuations in equilibrium and self-control, or outcroppings of stress.  We need wisdom to know when to stop what we are doing to ask questions and take eye-contact time to listen to and hold them, and how to combine this awareness and sensitivity with simple, firm discipline that lets them know their world is ordered as before.

Garrick Computer lessons

Garrick is processing his complex emotions through joyful, disastrous action– climbing onto the table and eating leftovers, climbing into the sink and turning the water on himself, removing air vent covers and dropping plastic forks and colored pencils down into them, uncapping permanent markers, unplugging cords, and removing child safety outlet covers.

His exuberance forces even the worst days to be limned with humor!

For the Pittmans,



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  1. Heather

    I really enjoyed reading this.
    Be in touch.

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