Jacksonville day 1

Lucy and Caroline in front of Florida Proton CenterYesterday we had a day of appointments to meet all the members of the team who will participate in Lucy’s radiation.  We were surprised that the other patients were mostly older men who had come for radiation to their prostates.  I asked for a 2 for 1 deal getting my prostate pre-emptively radiated, but they said no such special existed.

At the proton center Lucy met the team:  Social worker, 2 nurses, Dr. Marcus and his resident, as well as a new nurse practitioner who will coordinate the care with the other hospitals.

The team won Lucy over with their skill at making the experience as low-stress for children as possible.  She experienced a barrage of smiling people who knew her name, were patient with reluctance or protest, and kept asking her preferences on everything from juice to hobbies.  She decorated her chart with stickers, which she concluded over dinner was the best part of her day, and was given a pig whom she named Ella.

It was an anxious bedtime, as Lucy said Ella had just been adopted from China and kept crying because she was not used to her Mommy yet.  But eventually she settled down and everyone slept well.

Lucy & Ella the pig

Thanks for all the love sent our way this week!!




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11 responses to “Jacksonville day 1

  1. melissa

    Cute picture! I was thinking about you today! I hope you are having some good “girl time” together!

  2. Lynn Beck

    Hi — I’m Sarah Barry’s aunt (in California). Just wanted you and your family to know that you are ALL in my prayers – esp. Lucy.

    Thanks for creating the blog and for the great photos. I told SB to be sure to let Lucy know that I think she reminds me of a beautiful princess!

  3. What a cutie! I love the little blue skirt. We’re praying for you all!

  4. anne

    It seems so hopeful with that bright, blue sky overhead! Maybe they’ll let her adopt another pig from China so they can keep each other company.

  5. LUCY! love your sweet, sweet spirit and your concern for little ella…..i am certain that you will be a most excellent mommy to her…..


  6. Laura Hollis

    Hi Lucy! I love your pink pig. When Julia was a little girl she had a black pig, and she carried him with her everywhere. I bet Ella will like to go everywhere with you!! Ella looked very happy in the picture so I think she must like her new mommy. Love you all.

  7. jen

    Hey Lucy that IS a Chinese pig!! We saw them everywhere in China and Ella looks like she’s going to settle in just fine 😉 hugs, love and prayers – The Gordon’s of Atlanta!

    Richard sorry to hear that hospitals don’t have their marketing wits about them. A twofer just makes sense.

  8. the mccollum's

    We miss you guys so much and wish we could be there to see you. Lucy, Molly still talks about how you are her best friend and she draws you pictures often. Usually you have a princess crown on when Molly draws you. Is May-May there with you in Florida? Molly can’t wait to have a sleep-over with you in December! Swaziland isn’t the same without you next door!

    Love, Amy Dave Molly Laine and Duma

  9. Ellen Lee

    Caroline, Lucy, Richard and the fam–we will continue to pray for a peace that passes understanding as you navigate this journey. May God’s mercies and provision overflow with abundance. I’m glad you and Ella have each other, Lucy!

  10. gregory

    continued love and prayers for all of you… especially sweet lucy!

  11. stacy fuqua

    we wish we could be close to you guys. we love and miss you. we pray Christ would make you perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

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