Good to have that behind us…

Today Lucy had 2 procedures for the price of one general anesthesia session. She recieved a port (under the skin way to access a central vein) for the sedation she will require while getting radiation later this month. She also received fiducials (under the skin screws) that will help to ensure precise direction of her radiation.

We all fasted after midnight and arrived at 10am to go to the OR at 12. At 1240 they told us they were running late. She finally went at 2pm. Tough waiting for all, but Lucy was very brave. She was helped by a dose of nasty tasting “Happy juice” (versed) that relaxed her and will muddle any memory of the operating room.

She came out of the OR after 2 ½ hours or so and went to recovery. Things went well and we had no complications other than a wobbly daughter when we got home. She is steady now that the drugs have worn off.

We have the simulation for radiation tomorrow where they line up their protons to blast away that bothersome recurrent tumor.




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4 responses to “Good to have that behind us…

  1. melissa

    I am glad that went well! What a fun boat she is ridding in. I am thinking and praying often for you.

  2. Becca

    Glad things went smoothly in the OR. Sorry Lucy had to wait so long on an empty tummy; there’s always a delay when your child is NPO! Praying for you and hoping to connect while you’re here this fall. Love from the Rollins

  3. mary

    we are glad everything went ok. We have been praying for Lucy & ya’ll . I know that sheis in good hands and everything will be fine. you know that we are available whenever we’re needed to help out…..just call us. Tell Lucy that I want to ride in the red boat with her. LOL

  4. Elizabeth

    We are so thankful that thing are going so well and that this part is over. Thanks so much for your blog….We love you all. Elizabeth

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