Procedure day

Hello all,

Play house at Nemours clinicYesterday we met her local Neuro-oncologist (brain-tumor doctor) at Nemour’s children’s clinic.  It is an amazing >10 story building that overlooks the St Johns river.  Children’s clinics are usually outfitted with all kinds of toys and activities.  Here is a shot of Lucy playing house on the 8th floor overlooking the river.

Today is the day that Lucy goes in for the “fiducials” and her port.  She will go under general anesthesia for these procedures.  They say it will be quite short ~1-2 hours.

She has been NPO (nothing by mouth) since midnight and is a little grumpy, but she did beat me in a game of checkers – hypoglycemic and all.

The fiducials are tiny (3mm) titanium screws that will go underneath the skin and serve as guides for the radiation when they are setting it up.  Dumb-doctor-dad had imagined Frankenstein like screws protruding from her skull.  Nothing like this at all, says her doctor.  She won’t even be able to feel them once the small wounds heal.

We will keep you updated.




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3 responses to “Procedure day

  1. sbspooner

    thanks for all the updates. hope all goes well today. tell lucy we love her.

  2. Elaine Isaak

    Hello, Pittmans! Want you to know we are thinking of you
    everyday. Lucy your outfit is fabulous! Thank you so much for keeping us informed. Hugs to you all.
    Elaine and Yianni

  3. Pam

    Sounds like a fabulous center. I hope the procedures went well today. Our love and prayers are with all of you. Tell Lucy we look forward to a long Delta Christmas visit!

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