Back home…

Lucy at home We are happy to be back home!!!

Lucy made it through the radiation planning (aka simulation) without any problems.  She did well with the anesthesia and did not even wake up grumpy.  She was quite hungry and was treated to Doritos and Lime jello.

The florida proton center is really nice and well set up for kids, despite 75% of patients are older men there for prostate radiation.

Lucy and Nurse GinaLucy really likes her nurse Gina who has an awesome manner and kept Lucy at ease before and after the procedure.

We will go back to Jacksonville on Oct 13th to start the radiation on the 14th unless plans change.

We will not be making updates until then, except to let you know more about the Ronald McDonald house where we stayed and where we will stay for radiation.




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2 responses to “Back home…

  1. Elizabeth

    Wish I could be with y’all! We’ll be praying for the upcoming radiation and for parenting wisdom and endurance in these days. love to all of you!
    E Hays Wood

  2. Laura Hollis

    Will be praying for all of you especially Lucy. So glad she has a nurse that she likes.

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