Let’s get this treatment started

Click on this photo to see more pictures

Click on this photo to see more pictures

Lucy’s radiation did get started yesterday, as was originally planned, but not at the same time.  We were scheduled for 9:00am, but this was changed to 12:45pm.  No problem except that Lucy could not eat and had not since the night before.  She was brave but not too happy.  She was distracted by the clothes shopping @ Target and Lulu’s  prompted by two unnamed caregivers of hers who forgot to put her suitcase in the car.  That’s right Caroline packed her suitcase, but through a complicated miscommunication it did not make it the immaculately packed car…  Maybe we are more stressed than we think.

If you click on the above photo it will send you to a site with more pictures taken of Lucy and Garrick playing on the Ronald McDonald House playground.  Garrick is loving all the toys and keeps running from one item to the next shouting, “Uuhh!, Uhh!”

Since there are many children undergoing chemotherapy at the RMH, the rules are stringent for illnesses.  I was rebuked for not having on gloves in the kitchen.  We have gotten concerned looks and a talk from the house mother about Garrick’s chronically runny nose.  Caroline explained, “He has had a runny nose for all but about a few days that I can remember.”  The house mother was partially satisfied, but mentioned seeing a doctor at the ER, antibiotics and putting us up at another hotel until it cleared up.  Dad the doctor doubts the infectious nature, but we do feel bad about the chance of making an immunosuppressed child sick.  Join us in prayer that Garrick’s nose will stop running.

Lucy will have treatments today and Friday and will then be free to play in Jacksonville with Caroline and Garrick.  I am going to join them next Wednesday night with Jack for a long weekend.

Some of you have asked for the mailing address at RMH which is:

c/o Ronald McDonald House
824 Childrens Way
Jacksonville, FL 32207-8427
(904) 807-4663    http://www.rmhjax.org


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One response to “Let’s get this treatment started

  1. The Andersons

    What great pictures! Garrick is looking SO much like you, Caroline. Fun to see. We join you in giving thanks that the vomiting situation has been remedied and that Garrick is enjoying his time in Auburn. We love you guys!

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