Quiet day

Lucy and I played outside on the house playground, made an autumn craft for a 2 year old proton patient and her twin sister, and went to the library. Just the noneventful day we needed!



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3 responses to “Quiet day

  1. Laura Hollis

    I am sorry Garrick got sick, but it sounds like Lucy is getting the “fun with Mommy” time that she needed! I am so glad that the procedures are going well, and she feels comfortable with those taking care of her. Keep up the good work with the blog. It makes us all feel a part of what you are going through.
    Love to both of you,

  2. Kristie

    Thank you for keeping everyone posted via this blog. Sean and I are glad to know that Lucy is doing well. The nursing staff sounds amazing! I missed my morning set-up helper today, though! 🙂 Jack was so excited to show me and Sean his lego ferrari–complete with a convertible top and doors that open and close. Sean told him he’s waiting for his life-size lego ferrari.

    Tell Lucy “hi” for us and we are praying for y’all.


  3. sb

    Thanks for keeping us updated. We of course are thinking about y’all a lot because of Lucy but also because big Stephen has completed the puzzle you brought and little Stephen’s new favorite toy is the rhino you gave him. You probably don’t realize how much entertainment you have provided us! Hope y’all are having a good day.

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