Rough start to the week

We had another quiet day yesterday, but by the late afternoon the headaches that had reappeared last week worsened. This morning she was still in pain and threw up. Though she kept her medicine down after that, she had to be intubated during the treatment today for precautionary reasons (they rigged it temporarily so that her mask would still fit). Everything went well, but when she came out she was still not herself, so the radiation oncologist stopped by to see her. I felt much better after his consultation. He reassured us that the headaches are a result of the expected swelling the beam induces, and that when headaches start early in treatment like this they usually resolve within a week. Staying on top of the pain with motrin made for a fun rest of the day, including baby dolls and tea in the playroom and tag around the playground.



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4 responses to “Rough start to the week

  1. Lynn Beck

    Continuing prayers for Lucy and for all of you!

    Lynn Beck (Sarah Barry’s aunt)

  2. anne

    Tell Lucy that I like her ballet outfit – it looks so familiar 🙂 Has she tried her stick-on earrings?

  3. Richard and Caroline,

    We are praying for Lucy’s healing and thinking of you often.


  4. Becca

    I’m so sorry about the painful afternoon. Glad she’s feeling better–she looks like it, from the picture! Love you.

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