Brave and strong for the treatments

Lucy waking up after treatment

Bobbi and Garrick greet Lucy when she awakens from treatment.

Lucy gives her buddy a drink

Lucy is "giving her buddy a drink", that is flushing saline into her port.



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4 responses to “Brave and strong for the treatments

  1. Trish Moody


    As always, love and heartfelt prayers from all the Moodys.


  2. ken jefferson

    Hi you guys,

    I had some difficulty getting on to your blog but successful at last. Our big Swaziland hugs to an incredible girl. And lots of love to her mum and dad and her brother and sister! We miss you all.
    Keep going and growing! You are in our prayers as you know.

    Swaziland spring- just rain rain and cold in Mbabane.
    Brenda had a great trip and Clare and Alastair send their best to you.

    God Bless

    Love from us

    Ken Brenda and all the Chapel folks

  3. mary & Kevin

    Dear Lucy,

    We miss you , but are glad to see that you are in good hands. It sounds like you are having some fun in Florida !—-dance class, beach,shopping, etc. Tell your mom,dad & brothers “hello”. We will see you soon.We love you.
    Mary, Kevin, Beth & Ali

  4. Anne Ross

    To the Pittmans, I am Jamie Brewer’s sister and I am praying for your darling Lucy. I have a 6 month old granddaughter named Lucy. We are believing God for a wonderful miracle of grace for a brave and plucky little girl. Jesus loves his little ones and each has a special place in his beautiful heart. Julian of Norwich said, long ago, “all will be well, all will be well”. We know that in Christ this is true ultimately, but oh how hard the road sometimes is. May God give you strength for this day.

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