Dressed up proton

Lucy had a hard day, starting last night with a headache that lasted until this afternoon. I think her body is feeling the effects of 6 consecutive days of anesthesia and radiation. The beam was delayed this morning so she had to wait a bit, but the festive staff did their best to entertain her. When she woke up, she did not feel sassy enough to wear the feathered tiara she brought, but she and Garrick trick-or-treated around the building to some cowgirl technicians, among others. Most of the staff not in costume wore Florida gear in honor of the Fla/Ga game tomorrow.

Both kids, having been in Africa the last 2 years, thought the whole thing really strange, but were thrilled that these people dumped handfuls of candy into their bags and then offered cupcakes and cookies.

We are so grateful for the weekend now! We will likely not do much but visit the park across the street, which has a tireswing Lucy loves !


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  1. All of you are in our thoughts and prayers. May it comfort you and encourage you to know that so many people are lifting you up in prayer, and may God grant you the peace that passes understanding as we pray for God’s healing hand. Love, Linda and Lem

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