Ups and Downs

In the RMH courtyard

Lucy’s last few days have involved sleepiness and headaches but also lots of fun with Garrick and our friend Jennifer White (“Potts”), who flew down from NC to help us out.  I have no idea how I would have moved us from Ponte Vedra to the RMH or otherwise gotten through the weekend without her!

Garrick having the time of his life as usual

Twice when we were feeling particularly low, we received a large load of packages and cards that cheered us up.  Thank you all for making us feel loved!

Giggling at the YMCA pool Sunday



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3 responses to “Ups and Downs

  1. Lisa and McLean Trotter

    Hello Caroline and Richard. We just saw the blog updates and received an e-mail from Lisa Melton about the latest trials with precious Lucy. We have been praying for y’all all day and will continue to pray, as we follow the blog on her daily struggles. We are in awe of your strength, and of Lucy’s strength as she goes through these painful procedures. McLean and I will think of you guys often in the coming weeks and months. Wish there was more that we could do to help. Thank you for the updates – we are now hooked in to keeping up with her progress!! Know that you and your precious kids are in our thoughts and prayers. Lucy is a BRAVE little girl.

  2. Becca

    Thinking of Lucy……..hang in there, girl!

  3. Elaine and Yianni Isaak

    Dear Caroline and Richard and Lucy,

    Although we are far away, our thoughts and prayers are right there with you every single day. We read your blog daily and keep up with your challenges and the courageous, positive way you are encountering them. Today we mailed you a little happy to add to your collection of goodies you have already received.
    Have a great weekend at home in Atlanta. Hope to see you at Christmas time when we come home from Greece.

    Much love,
    Elaine and Yianni

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