Only 12 to go

After a weekend HOME (elaboration redundant) Jax welcomed us back with wonderfully clicheed breezes and balmy sunshine. Our long NPO morning wait passed in tricycling and giggling, Lucy had another eventless treatment & a good nap, there were vegetables in the fridge (golden rarity) and we cozied the evening by with videos of our friends in Swaziland on YouTube…
We are grateful for every loving prayer and thought for us. We feel God’s strength, humor and beauty waiting just as we need them moment by moment– an exercise in living wholly in the present, in itself a gift.



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6 responses to “Only 12 to go

  1. Glenn and Hope

    We had a great time with Lucy in Children’s Church this past Sunday. Can’t wait to see her on a regular basis. As always our prayers are with you.

  2. Kahki

    Lucy, so happy to see you on Sunday. You are being such a brave girl. We can’t wait for you to finish your treatments so you can come to visit us in Greenwood. Love, Kahki

  3. we love this picture of you, lucy……that dress is fab and we love your necklace and bracelet…..

    we agree with your kahki that you are being so super brave!

    we love you so,
    eliza kate, her parents, and sister caroline

  4. Melissa

    Such a cute picture of Lucy! I love the dress! Sweet repeats? I love what you said at the end of this post. It truly is a gift to know God’s grace and mercy in every moment. Something God is teaching me right now and will continue to teach me. Good to see you this last weekend!

  5. Hannah

    So happy to read of your calling Atlanta HOME! Makes a real estate agent smile.

  6. Aunt Margaret

    I’ve been following your adventures on this fantastic blog that someone really smart is keeping updated. Please hug and thank her/him for the great job s/he’s doing. I especially love all the pictures of you and your family. Although some days didn’t sound very fun, many of them sounded really the beach trip and the neat playground. We pray for you every day and are happy that you will soon be back home in Atlanta. Hope we will see you soon, maybe over the holidays? I’m wearing a big, big smile right now just thinking about it….can you see it? We love you.

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