Who’s in charge here?

Giving dad a "finger-stick"

This is Lucy posting today…

My dad has been staying with me in Jacksonville since Tuesday. I sent my mom back to Atlanta to rest and spend some time with Jack and Garrick.

Customized shoes

I have my dad here until Mommy returns on Saturday. He is silly, but is not too bad to have around. For example I was having a hard time explaining to him, that I didn’t like the earth tone brown shoes he picked out at REI recently. He came up with the idea to glue on some Rhinestones. They actually came out pretty well.

This week I am the first person to go into proton in the morning (around 7:15 am). It is nice to have that behind me early each day. It gives me time to get some real food (like a Chick Fil-A biscuit) before local restaurants start serving lunch.

We get home and I put my dad down for a nap.

Today I cleaned up the room while he slept (not kidding) and then did drawings on the ipod Touch until i could get Dad going again.

Daddy down for his nap

I actually had to check his “finger-stick” since he was acting so puny. It was ok, but I told him he would get a “magic band-aid” if he would go ahead and get it over.

I think daddy is having a little challenge keeping pace with my nightly need for juice before I have to stop drinking at 4 am (they call it NPO, but not sure what it stands for).

In short I am doing a lot better.

No more of those troublesome headaches. I am not even that fazed by the daily naps I take during the treatments. I have even mentioned the possibility of staying in Florida for more treatments. Not sure if my parents can handle it though…



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6 responses to “Who’s in charge here?

  1. Melissa

    Love it!! I am glad your mommy is getting some time away. Lucy, enjoy some daddy time! Henry and Mary Taylor miss you! 🙂

  2. Kahki

    Lucy, I’m not sure you should let your dad be your fashion consultant. The shoes are better however. So glad you’re almost finished. LOVE, Kak

  3. So cute! Lucy, we are praying for you. You are an inspiration, and we love reading your updates. Stay strong, (Mark & Amanda Evans)

  4. Jane Patton

    So glad you are planning to come to cousin Olivia’s wedding, Lucy, and bringing your parents!

  5. Betty Person

    Just found the new website. I am so glad to catch-up on news and see the great pictures of you and your family. Thanksgiving was good for us and I know it was for you too. We are thankful. Tell your dad and mom hello. Had a quick conversation with Kahki a short while back. Take care and know you stay in our prayers.

    Betty and Mike

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