500 Westover

I’ve always wanted to grow into my maternal grandmother’s cheerfulness, but this past year I needed  to immediately inherit that happy patience that does not get bored or angry waiting around, and that ability to turn a terrible day into a story that has everyone else hysterical with laughter.  One of the great things about being back to Atlanta is getting to be with her lots at her favorite time of year.



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2 responses to “500 Westover

  1. Laura Hollis

    I know it takes time to blog,but I certainly love it when you do. Doesn’t make it seem that yall are so far away! Glad you are all under one roof. Have a wonderful Christmas, and we will see you in Atlanta in January!

  2. Jane Patton

    Apt description….”doesn’t get bored or tired waiting”…she has always been an inspiration in that way. Jack is fortunate that he will remember times with his great-grandmother. Hope to see you in Atlanta in the spring. P.S. Your birthday is one of those fixed dates in my head…prayed for you…didn’t forget you. Love.

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