I got a text today from my Haitian friend Limanes, who was with us in Florida. The radiation did not work for her son Gibbs, fourth of five energetic and happy children.  He is three years old.  In November he was in constant pain, she was crying all day and exhausted.   Now she and her husband Josenel, who calmly rocks him singing Creole hymns, have the devastating results of the post-radiation scan at the same time as the catastrophe in their home country.  For Limanes, they merge in some ways I think, the horror and thwarted future emblematic of the destruction cancer has brought to their family.  I am heartbroken.  Please pray for her, for Josenel, for pain-free last months for Gibbs, and for the sustenance of his siblings.



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2 responses to “Gibbs

  1. This is just horrible. This makes you just want Christ to come back and rescue us from all this pain and suffering. So sad.

  2. jillespooner

    I just read this post. I remember Gibbs. I am writing their names down on our family calendar to remind us to pray. They remember your kindness, I am sure.

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